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Linda Turner - Team Manager
(301) 952-5336

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List of Accomplishments

  • Façade program results include completion of 8 renovations for Phase 1 ($141,689); 100% of construction contracting went to local or minority owned firms;  began marketing Phase 2 ($200,000 for 12 homes); and applied for $500,000 from the Department of Housing and Community Development for Phase 3 in Coral Hills  community.
  • Suitland Towne Center development has obtained planning approval for subdivision and detailed site plan from MNCPPC; issued RFP for civil engineering and landscape architecture services to design the community infrastructure.
  • In May 2015, 50 William Hall Academy elementary students were provided with $20 vouchers for new shoes at an in-store shopping event held at the Forest Village Park Mall, thanks to the World Vision and Payless GivesTM Shoes 4 Kids program.
  • Received approval for community signage for the entrances of the Suitland, Boulevard Heights and Capitol Heights communities.

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