Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative  (TNI) Area


The Forestville community was selected in 2016 for inclusion in to Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III's signature Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative. 
The initiative is based on the partnership of residents, community organizations, local businesses and County government working to reduce crime and building a stronger, healthier and citizen driven community. 
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Forestville 311/County Click Data
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TNI Key Indicators

The Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) was designed on the premise of using data to drive decision making. Key Indicators have been selected to assist TNI teams with making decisions that will positively impact their communities. 
At different times, and perhaps in different locations, some indicators may be more vital than others. These indicators will impact the major indicator of neighborhood health - property values - as well as the overall quality of life.
The fourteen indicators for the Forestville TNI Area, in order of most challenged to least challenged are as follows: Foreclosures; Property Violations; Total Crime Rate; Vacant Houses; High School Absentee Rate; Domestic Violence Cases; 9th Grade Retention Rate; Homes built Pre-1980; Litter 3-1-1 CSRs; Median Income; Unemployment Rate w/o High School Diploma; Kindergarten Readiness; Building Permits Issued; Households with SNAP. The County government will focus their services on these indicators in order to positively maximize the impact.

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Government Services

Below is a list of all County government services available to County residents. To access them visit CountyClick or call 311. 

Community Partners


Nonprofits provide residents with the additional services the County government does not provide.
Services 24/7 is an online directory for residents of Prince George's County looking for organizations that provide human services, from afterschool programs, to housing and foreclosure assistance, to veteran services. 
The directory connects residents  with the resources they need to enhance their quality of life and connecting the vast number of volunteers in our County to the nonprofits in order to increase their capacity to serve.  
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 Faith-Based Organizations

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Do you have a pothole on your street? Is your neighbor's house in disrepair? CountyClick/311 is your ticket to solving those problems and accessing government services. As part of our commitment to deliver outstanding customer service, we have implemented a case management/tracking system which will enable us to initiate, monitor, and follow-up on issues/concerns from our community members working in conjunction with other agencies. 
CountyClick is available 24 hours a day 7 days week. Or call our 311 Call Center Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

For more information on the Forestville TNI Area, please contact TNI Program Manager Nicole Jackson-Young